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Zombies Eat Brains, We Eat Zombies…

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Zombiefilms.com features a comprehensive listing of zombie movies and shows that can be found in the database and compiles movie info from Wiki, IMDB, Amazon and the studio. You will also find the movie trailer or full length movie to stream right on the page in your browser. No need to download anything. We also include a link to Amazon to purchase DVD, Blue Ray, or download the full movie in addition to a link for a free Netflix trial to stream.

This site is not here for your entertainment or to celebrate zombie celluloid, rather for your protection.  When the outbreak hits your door, you will need to be prepared. By studying these zombie movies, and I suggest studying each and every one, it will ensure you have gained the skills and techniques to disassemble the walker appropriately.  Watching zombie movies on a daily basis will give you the confidence and conditioning not to pee in your panties or run like a little girl the first time you have to confront the undead; rather bash its brains in with your bare fists and lick your fingers exuding confidence while wearing a plastic smile.

Contrary to popular belief, the outbreak has begun. In fact, the majority of zombie movies listed on this site aren’t your typical Hollywood production. No, sir! They are actual footage or re-enactments of real zombie outbreaks. WHY? HOW? Population control people… The government needs a reason to kill you, so they turn you into a walker to justify your execution… Trying to question means treason, just make a pick on the zombie movie list and play along; otherwise it means hang. A wise man becomes confident along the way because he studies the zombie films, loves the zombie games, checks the zombie news; he understands, he listens and finds the confidence to deal with it. You are dead if you are weak and too bad, you become undead and then you are executed; you die on your knees with blood oozing from your nose, pus exiting through your eyes and the whole world seems so good in the tribulations. Why? Because you are a zombie, not in a zombie film, but in real life, you don’t feel pain. Look, entire towns in Wyoming get wiped out monthly.

Did you check out the Evil Dead, Bloodlust Zombies, or Come Get Some and the rest on the zombie movie list? Don’t miss them lest you have bad dreams. These films, games and news are just to prepare you for the night. We are concerned that you might run helter-skelter when the first red eyed zombies knock on your door in the evening. Hmmm, you remember that night when the lights were out, the neighbourhood was dark and quiet, and you were all alone at home? You remember that knock on the door, that dim light, the walk on the lawn like a dog dragging a feast? Can you imagine it was a zombie; it had come not to feast on you, but to prick you so as to make you undead too? You were lucky you had studied many zombie movies. That was your preparation. You got lucky… Hush, You hear that?

The reality is, we are all zombies, we are programmed, from the grave, lethargic, wearing tattered clothes, spaced out and oblivious.

If you know of a zombie movie or show that we missed and which is not listed here, or see a video that no longer works, please contact us so we can be sure to fix. Feel free and zombish enough to share with us your ideas, concerns and information on new zombie movies from all quarters.  Simply do that through our zombiefilms.com Facebook page!

Enough about us; get to studying…….


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